Short Micro Docs on Community Broadband 

Since 2010 I have been working on an on-going series of short documentaries about the movement to provide community-based open access to broadband in the U.S. Some of these films have been co-produced with the support and cooperation of public interest partners, The Institute of Local Self Reliance’s Community Broadband Networks,  and, Next Century Citiesfor which, we are grateful.

Each of the short films have furthered research, network building, and a source of social media content and original footage for two feature documentaries on the U.S. communications environment, The Network, now in progress.

The Birth of Community Broadband (2013)

The Birth of Community Broadband, with William Ray, of Glasgow, Kentucky, the driving force behind the first publicly owned community broadband network in the US, 2013.

Open Access (2014)

Open Access, featuring a conversation with David Olson — Cable Officer for Portland, Oregon from 1994 to 2012– discussing the history of Net Neutrality and its legal origins in Portland’s efforts to maintain open access to their cable system, 2015.

Gig City: Sandy Oregon (2015)

Gig City  — SandyNet, looking at the creation of a community owned fiber-to-the-home gigabyte-speed broadband network in Sandy, Oregon, 2015.

Ammon’s Model: The Virtual End of Cable Monopolies (2016)

Ammon’s Model: The Virtual End of Cable Monopolies, featuring the City of Ammon’s work in Idaho building the Internet network of the future, 2016. Produced in collaboration with the Institute for Local Self Reliance’s

Broadcast Documentary — BBC

Future on the Line (1990)



Future On The Line, is a documentary commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, transmitted on BBC 2. Depicts the critical changes in UK telecommunications policy and community use of data communications, 1990.

Playful experiments in disrupting the ideology of the information age.

The Network: Field Notes (2010)



The Network: Field Notes is a mashup of clips from early archival research and interviews done for a set of on-going documentaries on communications policy and networked media culture.

Information Garden Manifesto 1987



Information Garden Manifesto, the secret backyard emergence of the information age, (Covington, Ky 1987)