MWG supports its members and their work over time, space and circumstance

MWG’s is a classic ‘leaderless’ cooperative business model designed to to support artists longitudinally. We have always been focused on helping artists complete their projects with an infra-structure that supports them during the thin times as well as the fat times. When funds come in people contribute, when they don’t they still have a continuum of support for selling their work, keeping a presence online, membership status, or working out resource arrangements with colleagues. Of course, its ok to join to do a one-off project.  This is what makes Media Working Group unique.

We are a virtual organization- – we found pretty early on that to operate otherwise wasn’t fair to people being hired and laid off because of fluctuations in public funding. Our assets are our human capital and a flexible organizational infra-structure that can  support artists over time, space and circumstance.  Our focus has always been, and will continue to be, to cultivate and be in relationship with members who also want to support artists, all whom are manifesting their vision.

Benefit from a supportive network of artists –  We are multi-generational, multi-lingual directors, editors, and producers who mentor, assist and provide technical services to emerging artists and producers. We can help from inception of an idea,  project planning and development, to production and post-production. With this platform, members manage projects locally, nationally and internationally.

All intellectual property rights remain with the Producing Member

Membership is based on professional and artistic affinities, and appreciation for the effort it takes to manifest an idea or vision – – and see it through to completion.

If you’d like to work with us there are a couple of ways you can– as a Producing Member, Advanced Producing Member, or Fee-based Services.



  • Mentoring (Production Development Mentoring).  We will coach you on the complexities of pre-production and beyond and will provide sample budgets, sample Letters of Inquiry, sample grants, treatments, and proposals
  • Grant development mentoring on the mechanics of grant application (online application, signatures on grants, use of MWG letterhead, etc)

Production Platform and Support

  • Tax-exemption and IRS reporting for funds raised.
  • A web page page dedicated to your project on the MWG web site or free web hosting of your existing web site or blog.
  • We will  help you find equipment and production crew.
  • Bill payment
  • Artist payments on demand
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Customized project accounting (that documents each deposit and  expenditure  explicitly) on demand.
  • Central unchanging contact phone number and email address.
  • IRS reporting including 1099s and 990.
  • Multi-state incorporations (Massachusetts, Kentucky, Ohio, Oregon)
  • Communications and liaison with funders when requested or when strategic.
  • Assistance/mentoring for final reporting.
  • Member collaborations, help, project critique, and support.


All the above plus +

Free web hosting (up to 2 sites)
Presence in MWG Catalogue and Store
Credit card services and gateway expenses associated with online sales.  We can also provide a PayPal account
Back end web server support Collective Marketing – we have an extensive list of library and university acquisitions departments to whom we send special mailers to promote member films and videos.
Contact of DVD buyers if necessary, returns etc.
Fulfillment of your titles (handling, packaging, shipping,)
Storage of your DVDs
Arrangement for digitizing of material and duplication of DVDs
Archive of your artwork for DVDs
Oversight of DVD cover design


If you want to produce films or digital video, conduct media research or media education, or use media for social impact, the first thing you should do is look at this site. Look at the kinds of programs being done and how they are described, if you think we might hold some values in common call us and talk to us about becoming a Member. Visit our Join page for more details.