Globalization Film Collection

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Featuring some of the most important and influential economists, scientists, and labor leaders

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Three documentaries exploring particular and local elements of globalization

– energy – food – labor – urban space – economics –

Globalization represents a unique, ‘always on’, twenty-four hour global space created by high-speed transportation and networked global communications, and the free flow of capital around the world. The logic of globalization is planetary, but global effects are local and particular.

These films feature some of the most important and influential economists, scientists, and labor leaders ~  David Harvey, Edward Soja, Wes Jackson, Helen Lewis, Neil McKinnock, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Arthur Scargill, Betty Heathfield and more.

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Coming To Ground ($299.99) This film shows a classic drama of how change is made, the struggle of farmers, government officials, and policy makers as they try to move away from dependency on ‘traditional’ industrial, petroleum fueled farming methods and the global tobacco market to a more sustainable and sane agricultural economy.  Click here for film clip



Hybrid City ($299.99) A starkly well-photographed documentary on what the transition to a deregulated, neoliberal economy has meant for some of the major world cities, such as Atlanta, London, and Los Angeles. Augmented by interviews with such renowned scholars as David Harvey and Edward Soja, Hybrid City depicts the class and cultural separations and polarizations that are now present in new urban architecture and landscapes, the triumph of finance capital, and the diminishing rights to the city of marginalized social groups in the world urban centers. Film clip


From The Shadows Of Power ($299.99) This is a powerful story set in the coalfields of Wales, England and Appalachia that depicts the struggles of front line communities and labor groups at the pivotal moment in the 1980s when the corporate assault on working class and union power came to full expression in the anti-labor policies and market fundamentalism of the Reagan and Thatcher governments. Film clip