The Appalachia Collection

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Films that feature Appalachia’s most influential writers, poets, and cultural bearers


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Featuring some of the region’s most important and influential writers, poets and cultural bearers

 – Cratis Williams – Gurney Norman – Jim Wayne Miller – Loyal Jones – Pat Beaver – Nikky Finney – Helen Lewis – Frank X Walker – Denise Giardina – Richard Hague –  Ed McClanahan –  John Edgerton – Gail Galloway Adams –

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Cratis Williams: Living the Divided Life  ($299.99)   Balladeer, Linguist, Cultural Activist, Storyteller –  Cratis Williams was an  eloquent  defender  of Appalachian Culture  and one of  the most important  scholars  of  the post-war  era. This documentary  features original footage of Cratis Williams,  Pat Beaver, Loyal Jones, Gurney Norman, Jim Wayne Miller, Grace Edwards, and David Williams.
Coal Black Voices  ($299.99) A documentary featuring an ensemble of black poets  who  call themselves the Affrilachian Poets. It features Gurney Norman, Nikky Finney, Frank X Walker, Crystal Wilkinson, Kelly Norman Ellis and others.
From the Shadows of Power ($299.99)
A powerful story set in the coalfields of Appalachia, Wales and England that uncannily foreshadows the recent brutal growth of global capitalism and its impact on local economies and communities. It features Helen Lewis, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Britain’s Labor leaders Neil McKinnock, Arthur Scargill, Betty Heathfield, women miners from the Coal Employment Project and Britain’s Women Against Pit Closures.
Jack in the City ($150.00)
When urban Appalachian neighborhoods of northern Kentucky and Cincinnati explore their Appalachian heritage, who shows up? Jack and Mutsmag, featuring  Gurney Norman.
Augusta Writers’ Roundtable ($199.00)
This film documents a sterling moment in the literary community of Appalachia.  Novelists, poets, and cultural workers gather for a weekend on the banks of the Ohio River in Augusta, Kentucky.  Featuring Denise Giardina, Ed McC!anahan, Nikky Finney, Richard Hague, John Edgerton,  Gail  Galloway Adams, and more.
Coming to Ground ($299.99)  Documenting agricultural history as Kentucky farmers  experience the dismantling of the tobacco economy for a more sustainable one. This film makes a case for other state governments to adopt policies that follow the Kentucky model of state investment in small-scale agriculture.  Featuring mountain farmer Bill Best, Mary Berry, Roger Thomas of the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy, plant scientist Wes Jackson, and more.


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The Appalachian Collection films were produced by Fred Johnson and Jean Donohue